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Gunatha the thief reduced

AbilityCostST 1110DX 1360IQ 100HT 1110Combat reflexes15High pain threshold10Night vision 22Expert back stabbing 12Power investiture 220Spell major healing 124IQ Very hard attr -1Luck15Basic move +15Kleptomaniac-15Odious personal habit (picks nose and spits)-5Social stigma (criminal record)-5Quirk - likes cats-1Hobbies - knits in quiet moments-1Odd belief - father is an elf-1Dislikes - elves-1Broadsword 144DX Avg attr +1Shortsword 121DX Avg attr -1Dagger 131DX Easy attr +0Crossbow 131DX Easy attr +0Shield 142DX Easy attr +0Climbing 121DX Avg attr -1Pickpocketing 134DX Hard attr +0Filch 132DX Avg attr +0Forced entry 131DX Easy attr +0Garrote 131DX Easy attr +0Intimidation ?1Will Avg attr -1Lock picking 121DX Avg attr -1Observation ?1Per Avg attr -1Search ?1Per Avg attr -1Shadowing 91IQ Avg attr -1Stealth 121DX Avg attr -1Traps Set 9 Find Per Disarm 121IQ Per DX Avg attr -1Forensics 81IQ Hard attr -2Sum150

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